Gemini Bio Announces Its Dedicated Effort to Help Support COVID-19 Research


* Gemini Bio’s Key Products are Supporting the Fight against COVID-19

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA, April 29, 2020 – Gemini Bioproducts, LLC (“Gemini” or “Gemini Bio”), a leading supplier of cell culture solutions and a portfolio company of BelHealth Investment Partners, LLC (“BelHealth”), a New York-based healthcare private equity firm, today announced its effort to help support COVID-19 research.

According to the WHO, there are over 200 countries with 2.9 million confirmed cases and over 202,000 confirmed deaths, as of the time of this release.

To support labs pivoting to COVID-19 research, Gemini Bio is prioritizing products and services to assist its customers in four key areas:  (1) cell culture, (2) viral harvesting and transport, (3) research tools, and (4) analytical instruments.


Exhibit 1: Four Key Areas and Products by Area

Cell Culture Viral Harvesting/Transport Research Tools Analytical Instruments
Human Serum Viral Transport Media (Bulk or Custom Fill Sizes) Cryostorage Medium Moxi Z Cell Counter
Gamma-Irradiated Fetal Bovine Serum Amphotericin B and Gentamicin Growth Factors Moxi GO II Cell Analyzer
Custom Media Hanks’ Balanced Salt Solution (Bulk or Custom Fill Sizes) Cytokines  
Enzymatic Dissociation Sterile Conical Tubes & Pipettors Albumins  
Bioreactor Solutions      


Moxi Go II, an Analytical Instrument:

Gemini carries gold-standard cell and protein analysis instrumentation through its line of Moxi products. The Moxi Go has the potential to enable simultaneous, rapid analysis of antibodies and cytokines tied to COVID-19. The Moxi Go uniquely combines highly accurate and precise cell counting and volumetric sizing with the cell and protein analysis capabilities of a flow cytometer.

The Moxi Go instrument is differentiated by its accuracy, its small footprint for easy deployment, its speed – with tests running in less than 20 seconds – and its ability to calibrate every test independently. The instrument has a touchscreen for easy, intuitive use so that technicians will be able to easily navigate the system menus. Moreover, the instrument is fully self-contained, requiring no cleaning fluids or maintenance, making it ideal for cell culture suites, BSL2/3/4 settings with limited space.

For more information on these solutions, please call 800-543-6464.


About Gemini Bio

Founded in 1985, Gemini is a leading provider of cell culture solutions to the scientific community across cell and gene therapy, biotechnology, and academic research. Gemini also offers contract manufacturing and regulatory consulting services. Gemini’s singular mission is to enhance human life by delivering comprehensive cell culture solutions that enable discovery, development, and production of transformational therapies.  Our national sales force and international distribution network serves cell culture science worldwide. The Company is based in West Sacramento, California.