Gemini Bio Launches the Moxi V™ Cell Analyzer


WEST SACRAMENTO, CA, July 14, 2020 – Gemini Bioproducts, LLC (“Gemini” or “Gemini Bio”), a leading supplier of cell culture solutions and a portfolio company of BelHealth Investment Partners (“BelHealth”), announced the launch of the Moxi V™ for precision cell analysis.

The Moxi V™ utilizes the Coulter Principle to precisely measure cell volumetric sizes, enabling researchers to easily track detailed size profiles in their cell samples.  This exact cell sizing capability of the Moxi V™ is an essential requirement for the monitoring of T-Cell activation curves for CAR-T cell research in immunotherapy and for the mapping of size distributions for both cell types and debris in complex single cell sequencing preparations.  

  • Combines the Coulter Principle measurements with flow cytometry
  • Highly accurate measurements of cell viability in a statistically rigorous fashion. 
  • Quickly determines cell concentrations, cell health, and cell sizes in sample preparations
  • Provides researchers with the key tools needed to ensure quality inputs and successful results in their downstream sample processing.

Ted Ayliffe, Gemini Bio’s Chief Technology Officer stated, “We are excited to introduce the Moxi V™ as a technology platform that successfully merges two crucial, gold-standards in cell analysis:  Coulter Principle-based cell counts/sizing with flow cytometry-based cell viability measurements.  In combining these capabilities into a single system that is a fraction of the cost of the individual high-end instruments, the Moxi V™ addresses critical unmet needs in immunotherapy/CAR-T research, single cell sequencing QC, and all research applications in which cell count, size, and viability accuracy are essential.”

The Moxi V™ utilizes a patented thin-film microfluidic flow cell technology to eliminate the hassles associated with the operation, cleaning, and disinfecting of other systems.  A simple touchscreen interface and auto-gating algorithm enables users to easily implement the technology without the need for extensive training. The system comes equipped with a 532nm laser and a 561nm/LP detection channel for robust cell viability analysis.  Propidium Iodide (PI)-stained dead cells measure 50-100 times brighter fluorescence on the system than do live cells, removing the ambiguity associated with traditional Trypan Blue viability assessments.  Each test enables users to analyze up to 23,000 cells in a matter of a few seconds ensuring the highest level of precision and statistical robustness.


About Gemini Bio

Founded in 1985, Gemini is a leading provider of cell culture solutions to the scientific community across cell and gene therapy, biotechnology, and academic research. Gemini also offers contract manufacturing and regulatory consulting services. Gemini’s singular mission is to enhance human life by delivering comprehensive cell culture solutions that enable discovery, development, and production of transformational therapies.  Our national sales force and international distribution network serves cell culture science worldwide. The Company is based in West Sacramento, California.