Cell Counters


Cell Counters

Perform state of the art flow cytometry with combined fluorescence and impedance analysis modes on our Moxi Flow platform. Or integrate the Moxi Z as your work horse engine for cell QC and enumeration.

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Moxi Z Mini Automated Cell Counter Kit

Improve downstream results with better quality control.

Moxi Z is the only automated cell counter that combines the Coulter Principle typically used in high-end cell counters with a patented thin-film sensor technology to allow for highly accurate (> 95%) and repeatable particle counting and sizing for a broad range of cell types – from mammalian cells to cells as small as wine yeast and more. Since today’s workflows demand accurate quality control of samples, determining cell counts precisely has a significant impact on outcomes and downstream costs.

*Single-unit price. For inquiries about this product, contact your sales representative.