Flow Cytometers


Flow Cytometers

We deliver simple, affordable, yet powerful solutions for flow cytometry and cell analysis. Now you can focus your efforts on research and driving your pace of discovery, rather than all the complexity that comes with traditional, complicated flow cytometers.

We have revolutionized flow cytometry by integrating traditional fluorescence based flow cytometry with the Coulter Principle. Now for the first time, direct cell counts and volume are generated in parallel with fluorescence. At the heart of our platforms is their disposable flow cytometer sensor, which eliminates the need for cleaning, maintenance, expensive service contracts, and calibration.

Product $29,995

Moxi GO II

Next Generation Coulter-Principle Flow Cytometer.  Combines the Coulter Principle (for highly-accurate cell counts and exact, volumetric cell sizing) with a 488nm laser and two PMT fluorescence detection channels (for cell health assays, robust CAR-T monitoring, cellular response profiling, and immunoprofiling). 

*Single-unit price. For inquiries about this product, contact your sales representative.

Product $14,995

Moxi GO 532

3 Parameter Next Gen Flow

Increase the pace of scientific discovery with our next generation Moxi GO 532™ Next Gen Flow Cytometers. The system is equipped with one fluorescent channels (587/30nm) for cell analysis. Every assay also delivers simultaneous cell count & volume determination, using single-use flow cell.  This eliminates the hassle of traditional flow associated with cleaning, maintenance, clearing of clogs, cross contamination and occasionally replacement of bottles and tubes.  

*Single-unit price. For inquiries about this product, contact your sales representative.