Do you have an Environmental (Green) Policy?


Green Values: Integrity and our Future

Gemini Bio-Products recognizes the critical importance of operating under environmentally sound and sustainable business practices for the ecological health of our unique planet.

We share a global commitment with our customers, our employees and our community to adopt environmental stewardship as an integral component of our corporate behavior. Compelled by this ideal, Gemini Bio-Products has crafted and implemented comprehensive green initiatives covering every aspect of our business operations. Our strategy is focused on three principal areas: greener products, greener operations and greener packaging. In particular, this approach focuses on conserving energy and raw material resources, reducing our ecological impact, and actively recycling and using recycled paper and packaging materials.

Greener Products

Approximately 85% of our products are created by effectively recovering the processing by-products of the agricultural industry. In this respect, our products are essentially designed to remove ecological burden from the food industry waste stream.

Gemini Bio-Products operates our own on- site cell-culture water generation plant. This investment significantly reduces the carbon emissions generated previously by shipping large volumes of this high-grade water over long distances. Moreover, no waste water is generated from our processing operations and our products are formulated and manufactured to generate no toxic waste. Clean air and clean water make good environmental sense—and good business sense.

Environmental Responsibility

Greener Operations

Gemini Bio-Products actively pursues waste reduction and resource conservation throughout our operations. Energy-efficient lighting and Energy-Star rated computing equipment is our standard. We constructed our headquarters facility to maximize the use of ambient daylight and passive temperature control.

Gemini Bio-Products provides management training to support these initiatives and meets all applicable Environmental Health & Safety regulatory requirements. Our offices use only recycled paper products and we shred and recycle 100% of our wastepaper. Moreover, Gemini strives to communicate with—and distribute information to—our customers through primarily electronic means. We perform no mass mailing campaigns and offer all corporate literature in PDF format through our public website.

Greener Packaging

Gemini packs and ships all our products in materials either wholly or partially recycled. Our shipping boxes are made of 65% recycled fiberboard and our packing peanuts are constructed of 100% recycled polystyrene. These packaging materials— as well as the PETG bottles in which we supply our sera—are also 100% recyclable. Gemini Bio-Products recycles 100% of our operational waste; no landfill burden is generated by the manufacturing, processing or distribution of our products—this too means clean soil and water.