How do I perform long-term microscopy with the Petaka G3™?


Because the Petaka G3™ provides a unique, closed, gas-controlled culture environment without significant evaporation, it acts like a mini-incubator all by itself. Because of this, specialty cell culture and experimental processes may be performed for long periods of time outside of the standard CO2 incubator environment. This is impossible with plates, dishes, flasks or bags since medium will evaporate leading to loss of osmolarity and the dissolved CO2 will rapidly be lost resulting in cell death.

The Petaka G3™ supports functions like time-lapse microscopy without any special (and expensive) microscope incubator equipment. All one needs to provide is warming for the Petaka G3™, everything else is automatically maintained by the device (see our long-term benchtop microscopy setup, right). We routinely use small heating films to maintain cultures at 37°C on the microscope to record multi-day microscopy observations or to record pO2 in the medium on the benchtop. These films are available, just ask!