How do I preserve cells at ambient temperature in the Petaka G3™?


One of the amazing features of the Petaka G3™ is its ability to preserve cells at room temperature for extended periods of time. Many labs use the Petaka G3™ to eliminate cryopreservation for processes that benefit from cell storage for up to 2-weeks. When cells are maintained at low dissolved oxygen, ideal pH levels, and ambient temperature (15-23°C), cells simply go dormant, pausing their cell division and reducing their metabolic rate significantly.

Most cells in this state are healthy and remain viable for 2-weeks or more. To wake these cells, simply return them to a 37°C incubator and allow them to warm…that’s all. This is only possible because even outside of an incubator the Petaka G3™ maintains low oxygen and balanced CO2 levels. Combined with a sub-euthermic temperature and the cells are gently and perfectly maintained in a dormant state. Labs use this free process time to temporarily store cells or ship cells anywhere in the world.