How is it possible to wash and centrifuge cells without transfer to conical tubes?


The Petaka G3™ is the only cell culture device that can be centrifuged directly. This allows the user to pellet, wash and separate cells without any transfers into conical tubes. Unlike open dishes, plates, and flasks, the Petaka G3™ is designed and manufactured to withstand up to 650g during routine centrifugation. So, instead of aspirating and transferring cells for centrifugation, the user can simply place the Petaka G3™ into the centrifuge and spin directly. This results in a cell pellet in the bottom corner of the Petaka G3™. These cells stay put as old media is aspirated off and fresh media is added. Likewise, the pelleted cells may be selectively harvested while the old media is retained. This eliminates sample transfers into in and out of centrifuge tubes, and practically eliminates contamination risk. Old Traditional limitations and cell culture dogma no longer apply; everything is now possible with the Petaka G3™.