At what level of dissolved oxygen will the Petaka G3™ maintain my cultures?


The proprietary microchannel regulator within each Petaka G3™ will reduce the dissolved oxygen from hyperoxic levels (150mmHg pO2) to levels found in native tissues (20-50 mmHg pO2).  The exact level of dissolved oxygen will vary depending on cell type, length of uninterrupted culture and medium conditions, but will at all times be determined by the needs of the cells.  It is important to understand that oxygen flow into the Petaka G3™ is controlled by diffusion, so the bigger the difference between the outside air and the inside culture chamber, the more oxygen will diffuse in.  So, as the internal oxygen level is reduced, more oxygen will automatically and passively diffuse inward to maintain equilibrium. 

Exactly as in native tissues, cells in the Petaka G3™ will take the oxygen they need and establish their preferred local dissolved oxygen levels.  The Petaka G3™ does not force an artificial level of dissolved oxygen on the cells in culture, this is why we state oxygen is “auto-regulated” and cells maintain physiologic levels of oxygen at all times.