What types of cells can I culture in the Petaka G3™?


Practically every cell type has been successfully cultivated in the Petaka G3™, including attached, suspension, immortal, primary and transfected cells, hybridomas, MSCs, ESCs, iPSCs, etc. The Petaka G3™ FLAT is untreated for suspension cell culture while the Petaka G3™ LOT is surface treated for attached cell culture.

The Petaka G3™ is not just another flask; it corrects the error of cultivating cells in the harmful, hyperoxic conditions typical with plates, dishes and flasks. Since most cell lines have been cultivated in hyperoxic conditions for decades, Petaka users may observe differences as the cells re-adapt to their correct, physiological environment. Practically speaking, this can result in slight morphological changes, changes in doubling time, etc., but this is not a negative effect. It is actually corrective, and in the long-term your cells will be happier and more reflective of the native tissues when grown inside the Petaka G3™.