CELLvo™ Human Cord Blood Endothelial Progenitor Cells (hCB-EPC)

Product >500,000 P4 Cells: $412

CELLvo™ hCB-EPC cells are progenitors of other endothelial type cells. These cells exhibit superior colony forming abilities, greater vessel formation, and greater angiogenic potential in vitro as well as in vivo – as compared to hUVECs. CELLvo™ hCB-EPCs cells are the cell of choice for researchers wanting greater control of their endothelial culture related studies.  When grown on the CELLvo™ Matrix, CELLvo™ hCB-EPCs behave more naturally, allowing researchers greater control of their study.

CELLvo™ hCB-EPCs can also be purchased as part of a kit with the CELLvo™ Matrix for a discounted price. Select from the following options:

700-502-6WP: Cells with a pack of 5 CELLvo™ Matrix 6 Well Plates $567
700-502-T75: Cells with a pack of 5 CELLvo™ Matrix T75 Flasks $567
700-502-T150: Cells with a pack of 5 CELLvo™ Matrix T150 Flasks $649

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