Human Recovered Plasma

Product 1 unit Contact your Sales Representative(~250 mL)

This product is collected in FDA-licensed collection facilities. The whole blood is more than 30 days old at the time of plasma harvest. Whole blood (with anticoagulant) is spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the formed elements. The plasma is then drawn off and frozen. This is from individual donors, not pooled. All donors are tested for viral markers (HBsAg, Anti-HBc, HCV, Anti-HCV, HIV-1, Anti-HIV-1 and -2, and Anti-HTLV-1 and -2) and found to be nonreactive. All donors are routinely screened for syphilis.

Ships on dry ice. Store frozen at -20 to -10°C

*Pricing for all human plasma products varies dependent on anticoagulant requirements. Available anticoagulants include:

Citrate, CPD, CPDA1, ACD, Heparin, EDTA

*Single-unit price. For inquiries about this product, contact your sales representative.