Mouse RELM-gamma (RELM γ)

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  Resistin-like molecule-gamma (RELM-γ) is a member of the RELM family of secreted proteins containing C-terminal cysteines. The RELM family consists of Resistin (FIZZ3), RELM-α (FIZZ1), RELM-β (FIZZ2), and RELM-γ (FIZZ4). RELM-γ is secreted by peripheral blood granulocytes, bone marrow, spleen, intestine, and lung. RELM-γ functions to promote and regulate promyelocytic differentiation, in addition to regulating nutrient-associated insulin sensitivity in the intestinal tract. Rodents secrete all four RELM family members, whereas Resistin and RELM-β are the only RELM family members found in humans.

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