Moxi Cyte Viability Reagent

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Recommended for use with Moxi Flow and Moxi GO II flow cytometers for rapid, accurate and precise cell viability, cell count, and cell volume measurements.



Applications: Cell Viability

Cassette Types: Type MF-M, Type MF-S

Compatible Instruments: Moxi Flow, Moxi GO II

Formulation: Phosphate-buffered saline, ph 7.4, containing 0.045% sodium azide, surfactant, propidium iodide

Intended Use Statement: For Research Use Only. Product is not for use in diagnostic procedures

Number of Tests: 110

Preservative: 0.045% sodium azide

Protocol: 1a. For starting cell concentration of 0.1-5e6 cells/ml dilute 15 uL of sample with 135 uL of Orflo PI stock solution 1b. For starting cell concentration of 5-10M cells/ml dilute 7.5 uL of sample with 142.5 uL of Orflo PI stock solution 2. Incubate for 5 minutes in the dark at room temperature (25C) 3. Select Viability Assay option on Moxi Flow touch screen 4. Insert cassette, close door and wait for auto-laser alignment to complete 5. Mix final solution by gently inverting tube 5-10x 6. Pipette 75µL of solution into cassette well 7. Close door of Moxi Flow unit 8. Test will run automatically in 8-10 seconds

Sample Type: Mammalian Cells, Large Yeast, Large Algae, Protozoa Primary Mammalian cells, immortalized adherent cells, non-ES cell types

Storage, Stability, and Handling: Store at 2-8C.

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