Moxi GO II

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Next Generation Coulter-Principle Flow Cytometer.  Combines the Coulter Principle (for highly-accurate cell counts and exact, volumetric cell sizing) with a 488nm laser and two PMT fluorescence detection channels (for cell health assays, robust CAR-T monitoring, cellular response profiling, and immunoprofiling). 

  • Small footprint enables portability and convenience. 
  • Fast (<10 sec) test times and no warm-up periods ensure rapid results. 
  • Intuitive, touchscreen design for ease of use.
  • No cleaning or maintenance required.

OS 2.11 brings a new Auto-Gating feature that will analyze results in an accurate, repeatable way to provide the most consistent results — presented in a simplified new Data Summary page. The new Batch Mode feature allows you to run multiple tests of the same sample type. It will auto-find live and dead cell populations, eliminating user-to-user variability. Learn about the new features in our brochure


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