Moxi GO II / Flow Cassettes, Type MF-M
MXC021 / MXC023

Product MXC021: 25 Cassette Pack (50 Tests) $203.12MXC023: 250 Cassette Box (500 Tests) $1,877.21

Moxi µ-Flow Type MF-M cassettes are designed for cells and particles ranging from 4 µm to 34 µm in diameter. Run two flow cytometry tests with each cassette. Three parameter output per test; 1 color, cell count and cell volume.

Higher Performance & Simplicity in One Disposable Cassette.

Patent-protected thin-film cassettes provide highly accurate, repeatable cell counts and cell size analysis in under 15 seconds. Inspired by the gold-standard Coulter Principle used in high-end counting systems worldwide, the Moxi cassette flows thousands of cells per test through a cell sensing zone to accurately capture the impedance-based volumetric measurement of each individual cell in the sample. Impedance-based cell counting of individual cells is proven to be over 95% accurate versus a 75% accuracy with image-based cell counting methods.


No system contamination and integrated pre-filter for clogging prevention.

Moxi cassettes are designed with a unique “”cell sieve”" to minimize cell clumping and clogging. In addition, Moxi cassettes contain 100% of your sample within the cassette body, eliminating the possibility for system contamination and sterilization. Cassettes are simply and easily discarded when testing is finished.


Two tests per cassette

Each Moxi cassette offers two individual tests. The instrument will also alert the user if a used cassette is mistakenly inserted in the unit.


Multiple cassette options.

Users can choose from Moxi Type M or Moxi Type S cassettes depending on cell specifications.

*Single-unit price. For inquiries about this product, contact your sales representative.