Scinus Cell Expansion Bioreactor

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Controlled Cell Expansion System

The Scinus Cell Expansion™ system enables clinical scale cell 3D cultivation in a controlled environment and provides a cost effective alternative to 2D cell growth in tissue culture flasks or cell stacks.The system contains a single use bioreactor bag that can be used to cultivate adherent cells (e.g. human mesenchymal stem cells) to clinically relevant numbers of cells. It replaces at least 100 cell culture flasks per clinical production in a reproducible, controlled and efficient way.

Cost Effective Stem Cell Bioreactor

Cells are grown on microcarriers in a single use, expandable bioreactor bag with continuous pH and dissolved oxygen control and biomass monitoring, which provides an optimized environment for growing cells. The closed system minimizes the risk of contamination. The Scinus Cell Expansion system can be operated by one technician from cell inoculation until harvest and with minimal time expenditure. Significantly less manpower is required compared to the traditional 2D expansion in T-flasks. The process requires up to 80% less medium than the 2D expansion.

Easy and Flexible Cell Culture System

The system has a small footprint (43″×20″) which minimizes production area requirements. As an automated and closed system that can be operated under GMP, a cleanroom facility is not required. Several systems can be easily combined into one production unit. This scalability allows for building a flexible production organization to meet any demand of autologous cells.


Scinus Cell Expansion Bioreactor

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