Stasis™ Stem Cell Qualified Fetal Bovine Serum

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Stem cells are the least differentiated of all cell types. Many biomolecules common in sera can trigger unwanted differentiation. As such, these cells have uniquely pristine requirements for growth in culture. Our stem cell qualified fetal bovine serum has been specifically tested for its ability to sustain the undifferentiated cellular morphology of these cells. This quality product comes exclusively from USDA-approved sources.

The tests performed to deem this serum ES-grade include immunocytochemical analysis of cells to identify pluripotent proteins such as OCT4. The testing protocol can be found below in Product Documentation.

  • Triple 0.1µm sterile-filtered
  • Mycoplasma-tested and virus-screened
  • Ships on dry ice. Store frozen at -20 to -10°C

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